St Mary Colechurch

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• St Mary Colechurch was destroyed in the Great Fire in 1666 and not rebuilt. The church was situated at the junction of Poultry and the south end of Old Jewry.

• Named after its first benefactor, it was a prosperous parish able to support a grammar school, which was rebuilt on the site after the fire and continued in that locality until 1787.

• The chaplain in the 1170s was the builder of Old London Bridge and he dedicated a chapel on the bridge to the martyr Thomas Becket who had been baptised at St Mary’s.

• After the dissolution the Mercers’ Company became the patrons of the church. When it was destroyed in the Great Fire the Company was granted permission to purchase the land and build the new Mercers’ School which remained there until 1787.

• After the fire the parish was united with St Mildred Poultry, although the parishioners objected on the grounds that this was a noisy, crowded parish perpetually disturbed by carts and coaches and did not have sufficient place for burials.

• When St Mildred's too was deemed surplus to requirements, following the passing of the 1860 Union of Benefices Act, it passed successively through partnerships with St Olave Jewry and final to St Margaret Lothbury.

• C. W. Pearce notes that the last traces of any building vanished in 1839.

• A plaque commemorates the church on the southwest corner of Old Jewry.

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