St John Zachary

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• St John Zachary (meaning "St John son of St Zachary", i.e. John the Baptist) was a church, first mentioned in official records in 1181, within the City, on the north side of Gresham Street, Aldersgate. • According to a twelfth century deed the canons of St Paul’s gave the church of St John the Baptist to the monk Zachary and it was subsequently given this name to distinguish it from the church on the Walbrook,

• It’s vicar from May 25, 1424 to an unknown date was William Byngham, the founder of England's first teacher training college.

• In the seventeenth century the church was enlarged and the Lord mayor, Sir James pemberton was buried in the churchyard, • It was destroyed in the Great Fire in 1666 and not rebuilt, with its parish being united with that of St Anne and St Agnes by Act of Parliament in 1670.

• The church had a long association with the Wax Chandlers whose election service was held there from 1547 till 1666. The hall which is opposite the site, houses various items of silver which belonged to the church, including Elizabethan and Jacobean communion cups and patens.

• Its site is now a garden first made by the fire watchers in 1941.

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